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someone literally put on one of my videos “she is such an articulate bitch”

Tonight in Ferguson. 
Ferguson Women on the Frontlines: Our Voices, Our Stories is tomorrow at 7pm at Wellsprings Church in Ferguson 

Please reblog. Hopefully women from STL can see this and attend!
throne94 Asked:It amuses me how you choose to blame all of the things SOME white people did in the PAST like stealing lands and shit on ALL white people but when someone white says OUR techonolgy you discard it immeditaly and that he didnt do shit. The contradction is very nice. This may shock you but more hate aint gonna make your life or anyone else's better. It would help if you actually say what you want and present solutions instead of whining and crying on a blog rebloging and posting more hate.



white people: *media reports on one muslim that does an attack* You SEE! ALL the muslims are terrorists!!1!!

white people: *one black kid commits a crime* TYPICAL! they are all THUGS these days thats why I have to hold ma purse extra tight

white people: *in regards to a PoC appearance* You look like -Insert PoC of the same race in here - lol! All of you really do look alike!

black people: we dont appreciate how we are discriminated against in our day to day lives and our ancestors past holds great value to the  generation of today. This world is saturated with white privilege so whites are born ignorant until understanding otherwise. 

white people: … yeah but not ALL whites. no other




More from Shaun King.

Guys, please share this everywhere. Shaun King exposed a very integral And deliberate LIE told by the chief of police to protect Darren Wilson, Mike Brown’s murderer. Shaun shows us with PICTURES that Mike Brown was over 100 feet away when Darren Wilson started shooting at him compared to what the STL PD are saying which is that Mike was 35 feet away. They lied about this purposely because officers are encouraged to protect themselves when someone who poses a threat is within 35 feet. Mike Brown was over 100 feet away. He posed no threat. Share this everywhere.

Man they’re truly willing to do anything to justify the killing of this boy.

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And the results of this unspoken war between my mom and my brother are seen everywhere. My mom doesn’t feel like she should have to tell my brother to clean up and he should just do it. Which is fair. My brother is grown as hell with two elementary aged children that all live at my mom’s house.

My mom also feels as though she shouldn’t have to clean up. That’s what her kids are for. This has been a matter of contention between us (her children) as long as I can remember.

Sis, you are speaking my life with my little brother… I feel like I’m doing the same thing when I come home from school, I’m afraid if I move back home it’ll be exactly like it was before I left me doing all the work with him half doin stuff just to keep my parents from fussing smh


please stop calling Black children who have different interests and tastes white

it’s damaging and alienating

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Yes Ladies YES!!

Ronnie Banks